Midnight Sunset at "Camp 2" -- 12 May 2013

Friday, April 26, 2013

varied and challenging weather as the traverse begins

The Arctic Circle Traverse is now already to its first destination; KAN_U...
Arctic Circle Traverse 2010 photo. J. Box

I just heard from the team by satellite phone. The first 2 days were extremely cold, they guess as low as -40 C (same as F). They asked me to check the weather from the nearby DYE-2 automatic weather station (AWS) that transmits data to a web interface developed by N. Bayou in Colorado. Here's the data...

DYE-2 automatic weather station (AWS) data. I installed this station in 1996.
The data from the DYE-2 automatic weather station confirm the story Dirk relayed by phone; COLD on arrival, once arriving to KAN_U after 65 km traverse (taking the better part of a day) it was very windy. Hourly average wind above 10 m/s is plenty of wind to drift snow. The wind calmed and was followed by snowfall.

The last I heard on the phone was that "the GEUS weather station..." CALL DROP [was running?] I really hope so. 

I also learned that the SMS I had sent replying to that I received did not make it. So, the SMS communicaitons seem one-way unless we text using the Iridium web site.

Today is Horst's birthday. He is celebrating by having a cold, literally and figuratively. Get well Horst!

blogging one for the team - Jason Box


  1. Thanks for the update! I heard from Mike yesterday and he did indicate that the first couple of nights were bitter cold! Happy Birthday Horst!

  2. Also- seems Mike is having the opposite problem with SMS transmissions. He said he was able to receive my SMS messages but getting failure codes when trying to send...?